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International Standards

Certificate 9100

We certify that Ouality Management System of the Organization

Certificate 14001

The environmental management system has been found to comply with the requirements

Ethical Code

The Code of Ethics is an official document of OFFICINE MECCANICHE IRPINE S.R.L.

Nadcap CP 24

This certificate is granted and awarded by the authority of the Nadcap Management Council

Nadcap NDI 24

This certificate is granted and awarded by the authority of the Nadcap Management Council

UNI/PdR 125:2022

We support gender equality in our work and activities


  • BAC5665 (Application of Sol-Gel Conversion Coatingson Corrosion Resistant Alloys for Painting)
  • BAC5423 (Penetrant Inspection)
  • BSS7039 (Liquid Penetrant Inspection)
  • BAC5753 (Cleaning – Descaling of titanium – Method II Only), Chemical Testing (Process Solution Control)
  • NAS410 (NDI Personnel Certification Level 3 Penetrant)
  • BAC5000/BAC5009 (Fasteners Installation)


  • NTA81351 (Bushing and bearing installation)
  • NTA94551 (Electrical conducitivity inspection of aluminum alloy)
  • NTA95051 (Metal materials hardness)
  • NTA76750/ NTA76450/ NTA76850 (Fasteners installation)


  • DET0030 (Structural bolt tightenning torques)
  • ADET0059 (Inspection of permanent and removable fasteners after installation)
  • ADET0187 (Wet installation of fasteners)
  • ADET0025 (Process fasteners installation on uncured inerfay seralant)
  • DET0033 (Bonding of bushes, ballbearings and spherical berings
  • ADET0082 (Application of sealant)
  • AIPS03-03-012 (Installation of bearing, spherical bearing and bushes by swanging)
  • ADET0029 (Installation of cylindrical shear bolts)
  • ADET0078 (Structural riveting)
  • ADET0173 (Installation of tight fit bushes)
  • ADET0191 (Installation of ballbearing, spherical bearing and bushing by staking)
  • 80-T-34-3050 (Tightening of Screws and Nuts)
  • 80-T-34-3001 (Installation of Fasteners and Nuts)
  • GC04-25-120 (Instructions for inspections by electrical conductivity – eddy currents)

Lockheed Martin

  • PG001 (Requirements for etch/cleaning prior to penetrant inspection – LMA approval within dec.2018)
  • PH016 (Conversion coating of titanium alloys – LMA approval within dec.2018)
  • LMA-PJ264 (Application and control of organic finishes)
  • LMA-MR003 (Waterborne epoxy primer)
  • LMA-PJ013 (Touch up requirements for chemical and organic finishes – LMA approval within dec.2018)
  • LMA-PC201 (Requirement for fuorescent penetrant inspection of metallic parts and materials)
  • PK004 (Installation Procedure for Bonded Nutplates)
  • PB033 (Installing, sealing and coating of bearings chilled to sub-zero temperatures)
  • LMAPB029 (Installation of expended bushings in metallic structures)